Pedro Matos – Featured IPA member

Bio Pedro Matos Born in Aveiro, Portugal, in 1970. He has been working, since always, in the area of communication, both in marketing and communication and in editorial projects of information. Besides being an essential tool in all his works, photography is also a great passion. Pedro Matos considers himself an humanist-photographer and an eternal lover of the great diversity of human culture. Documenting the human condition People. I like documenting the human condition; its culture and traditions, the different ways of facing the daily routine and how it reacts to the… Read More

Stephane Gripari – Featured IPA member

Bio   Stephane Gripari   Stephane Gripari was born in 1953 in Alexandria, Egypt, to a Greek father and a French-Italian mother.  He spent his childhood in Egypt, Greece, Switzerland, Somalia, Libya, Zaire and Italy before moving to London in 1973. He started taking photographs at the age of twelve and has traveled extensively as an adult, a camera always around his neck. After a 14 year stint in a shipping office, he trained in 1991 with Jorge Lewinski, the acclaimed Polish-born photographer (Senior Lecturer of Photography and Art History at the… Read More

Jakop Iskandar – Featured IPA member

Bio My name is Jakop Iskandar. WIth a full one Nio Jakop Iskandar. I’m Indonesian born in 1972 of Chinese descend. The second child of five in my family. I’m now happily married to my wife Susan. Have a daughter Jovine and a seventeen month old baby son Grieg. For a living, I own a digital fine art print shop. And regularly open photography classes to students. I started photography during my boyhood days of the later 80s. With a small cheap plastic Kodak camera with just a tiny perhaps plastic lens…. Read More

Stephane Lanoux – Featured IPA member

The Friday of Others Dubai, the city of lights, famous for its rapid economic growth, has become a major tourist destination. But the city is overcast by shadows, including the living conditions of its labor force. This foreign underclass community builds this city and dedicates its life to it by working over 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and 11 months a year in difficult conditions while locals and western expats who seem ignorant of their living conditions look on. Human rights are part of UAE laws, promising fair treatment… Read More

Kaaren Malcolm – Featured IPA member

Who am I I’m from London working and completing a PhD in Laws/Criminology. I post pictures in a variety of social media using my name or a nickname Jinx. I aim to post a couple of pictures per day in these forums. My USP I take pictures with my iPhone, which endeavours to include total strangers in a variety of different contexts. I aim to engage and share what I’m doing with the person, this I feel provides a unique record of them in their day to day life. The interaction helps… Read More

Using manual focus lenses on the Leica T – by Jonathan Slack

  Introduction       For several years I’ve been trying out legacy lenses on a variety of cameras. It’s great to be able to reinstate some of the lovely older lenses. I also have an unhealthy collection of M lenses, and although they mostly get used on my M cameras, it’s good to use them on other cameras as well. I’ve tried using M lenses on the Sony A7 (quite good) A7r (not so good) Fuji X-T1, Olympus E-M1 and various other cameras. Some cameras produce colour casts with wider angle… Read More