Third Quarter 2014

Dear Friends and Members,

I am very proud and happy again to announce our Third Quarter selection of images for our Wall of Excellence at IPA. It has been a busy few months with a lot of travel and a very crazy pace.  The IPA Group is growing at a steady rate and we are trying to enjoy these wonderful images that you are all submitting.  The quality is just amazing making it ever more difficult to make our final selections.   It is always a lot of fun to review these images again and I hope that you will enjoy our gallery.
A BIG THANK YOU to my ADMINS and to you GREAT MEMBERS  for your fantastic contributions in personal time, amazing talent, and passion for photography!!!

Spyro Zarifopoulos – Founder
& The Admin Team : Effi, Fatima, Ernie, Gunnar, Hari, Henry & Spyro 


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