First Quarter 2014


Dear Fellow Members,


It is with great pride that I am announcing our first quarter selection of images for our Wall of Excellence at IPA. It has been a very exhilarating experience the last few months watching all this amazing pool of talent posting their work on the IPA Group Timeline and sharing it with our members. I am grateful to have made this a popular destination for many and hopefully more great photographers around the world. At IPA my amazing Team of Admins and awesome members have made a huge contribution of their time and effort to make all this happen in such a short time since our “birth” back in February of 2014.


THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful spirit, inspiration and passion in photography!!!


Spyro Zarifopoulos – Founder

& The Admin Team : Effi, Fatima, Serene, Ernie, Gunnar, Hari, Henry, Mike, Roger & Tri



Antonio Di Giacomo




2 Comments on “First Quarter 2014

  1. Wow, Spyro. You have done a great job here. Bravo! And all the members with their individual expression makes IPA such a wonderful place to be.

  2. Congratulations, an inspiration! The quality of this group never ceases to amaze. And, especially to Spyro, BRAVO ! Thank you to all for your wonderful contribution… jx

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