Jakop Iskandar – Featured IPA member


My name is Jakop Iskandar. WIth a full one Nio Jakop Iskandar. I’m Indonesian born in 1972 of Chinese descend. The second child of five in my family. I’m now happily married to my wife Susan. Have a daughter Jovine and a seventeen month old baby son Grieg. For a living, I own a digital fine art print shop. And regularly open photography classes to students.

I started photography during my boyhood days of the later 80s. With a small cheap plastic Kodak camera with just a tiny perhaps plastic lens. The only exposure dial are the symbols of Sun, Cloud and Moon. After that my father passed down his Pentax ME and Canon T70. My teenage days were wasted never wanting to really learn photography. Just wasting rolls of films clicking errands. Until one day during college years of early 90s that I decided to formally learn photography. From then on there’s no turning back. Up to a point, I had my own analog darkroom for developing and printing my images which was black and white. But that had to stop for good when my first child daughter was born in 2004. So its digital all the way from then on.

In the early days of my photography, its all about capturing beautiful scenes and cultural themed ones. Indonesia being rich and diverse in culture, there were and still are many to be photographed. But soon I made my photography to evolve in to some streets, spontaneous photography. I try to put aside visual beauty and see other essential elements that new, fresh and totally something I haven’t done before.

I hope that you enjoy my photographs.


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