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I’m a 43 year old woman from Sweden. I work as a photographer and I work a lot with my own projects.
Photography has fascinated me since I borrowed my parents’ camera (an Instamatic) at 10 years of age, and since then I have been photographing.
My photography rests entirely in the personal emotions. In my images you’re supposed to look deeper inside, beneath the surface and the shell. I make images that go deeper inside the individual/the person. The personal affects very much the expressions I choose to convey in everything I photograph. I got my first analogue SLR camera in 2001 and since may 2004 I work as a freelance photographer.
Sometimes I’m planning in my creativity but more often impulsive and intuitive – the image is just there. I get my inspiration from my everyday life and I also feel closeness and affection from the past. My motifs are just about everything; urban environment, people, portraits, self portraits, nature and abandoned places.
Working both analogue and digital, but now I’m mostly digital.
Exhibitions: Galleri Mazarin, Söderhamn, Sweden 2004, Elmia, Jönkoping, Sweden 2004, Jakobstad, Finland, 2004, Elmia, Jönkoping, Sweden 2005, Galleri Kamera, Skåne, Sweden 2005, Kvarnen, Söderhamn, Sweden 2006, Älvsjömässan, Stockholm, Sweden 2007, Åmåls Fotofest, Åmål, Sweden 2009, Galleri [Ø], Mullsjö, Sweden 2010, Galleri Veboa, Kyrkekvarn, Sweden 2010, Scandinavian Photo, Bankeryd, Sweden 2010, Mullsjö International Photo Festival, Mullsjö 2011.
Published works in different magazines in Sweden.
I have also held workshops/seminars in both Sweden and Norway and been a guest teacher at community colleges in Sweden.

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All images © Malin Hellesø – Not to be used without permission.

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