IPA Meet, Mykonos 2018

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Dear friends,

IPA is hosting it’s fifth annual Meet in Mykonos, Greece on June 15-16, 2018.  Please join us for an exciting period of fun, photography, good food and relaxation. Mykonos is a well known destination in Europe for its beautiful beaches, cosmopolitan flare and Aegean character.

This year we are also hosting a special two day model share event on June 15 & 16, with some of the most beautiful ladies of Europe, Zoi Morgan, Nirmala Fernandes, Katia Martin, Lena Filanea and Maria Maeva.  And of course the lovely Olga Kaminska as a guest for the whole event !!!

Please contact us for details at:

Email: spyromz@yahoo.com

Cell: +1917 270 1231

Looking forward to seeing you all there !!!

Your host,

Spyro Zarifopoulos







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