Yiannis Yasaris – Featured IPA member


Yiannis Yiasaris is a Street Photographer that for the last 13 years is based in Melbourne, Australia and is originally from beautiful Thessaloniki, Greece.   Yannis is a self taught photographer.  His love of street photography comes from his curiosity about people going about their everyday life and his passion to tell their stories through pictures. Street photography has taught him to view life with a different perspective.it allows him to live and observe the moment. “Through the lens I am able to capture daily life in all its simplicity and beauty.  There is an expression in Greek that goes something like, “the street represents life.”   “I see myself as part of the street, I love that everything changes and nothing is the same and you have only one opportunity to catch the moment. “

For his work Yiannis uses a Sony A7 camera with a Samyang 14mm lens or a Zeiss 35mm lens.  The recipe behind Yianni’s great shots is the perfect understanding of ultra wide angle lenses in Street Photography. If you have tried shooting street with ultra wide glass, you have surely noticed how hard it is to get a decent composition. The reason is that it feels as if the camera is sucking everything in, even unwanted elements.  So, to get a good photo with ultra wide, you have to have had loads of practice and you have to be a very good composer with strong design principles.   He likes shooting in both color and black and white. Shooting black and white allows you to isolate the subject and in his view makes the photo more dramatic and cinema like.  He works more with black and white shots for this reason but at the same time he enjoys shooting in color also.

You can view his work on the following sites:


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4 Comments on “Yiannis Yasaris – Featured IPA member

  1. Terrific work, especially to study the use of poditive and negative space in the composition. Frankly, it isn’t so much composition as “construction” I imagine he doesnt stand still very long but is constantly on the move and building imsgery with the two lenses mentioned. These are very thick and deep slices of a photographic style markedly different from what passes for normal street photography. Each one leaves you with something new after each look.

  2. Just took a taxi ride in Thessaloniki and the driver was Yannis’s brother!
    We are holidaying from Australia and live in the Macedon Rangers region.

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