Kaaren Malcolm – Featured IPA member

Who am I

I’m from London working and completing a PhD in Laws/Criminology. I post pictures in a variety of social media using my name or a nickname Jinx. I aim to post a couple of pictures per day in these forums.


I take pictures with my iPhone, which endeavours to include total strangers in a variety of different contexts. I aim to engage and share what I’m doing with the person, this I feel provides a unique record of them in their day to day life. The interaction helps put the person at ease, almost like providing a personalised portrait without the posing. In addition I use apps to blend pictures to create individual pictures of buyers. Anyone can take a good picture is looking beyond that and developing an understanding of what appeals.

Achievements so far

I have had an exhibition of my photographs, and sell them in two venues. My work has appeared in Shooter Magazine and the online site of the British Journal of Photography. They have also appeared in Berlin, Italy and the UK. Buyers have included the Chief Justice of Western Australia, the Editor of the National paper and the Chief Justice of Australia.

Follow me on Facebook, Eye Em http://www.eyeem.com/jinx or Instagram, or contact me at kaarenmalcolm@yahoo.com.au




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