Yiannis Yasaris – Featured IPA member

Bio Yiannis Yiasaris is a Street Photographer that for the last 13 years is based in Melbourne, Australia and is originally from beautiful Thessaloniki, Greece.   Yannis is a self taught photographer.  His love of street photography comes from his curiosity about people going about their everyday life and his passion to tell their stories through pictures. Street photography has taught him to view life with a different perspective….it allows him to live and observe the moment. “Through the lens I am able to capture daily life in all its simplicity and beauty.”  There is… Read More

Carlos Marques – Featured IPA member

Bio Born in Lisbon in 1964, my path in photography began with an old friend, an artist painter that did Portraits for famous people around the world. I used to spend hours, days, years, trying to learn how to paint, he was my light teacher.  I then started to take some photos during this process to study light and use it as a guide for painting. Always moving around the world and living in different countries because of my father’ s position, made me be in contact with so many different cultures,… Read More

Heinz Richter – Featured IPA member

Bio I was born and educated in Germany where I grew up in the photography business of my father in the small town of Barntrup, 50 miles southwest of Hanover. This gave a very early exposure to photography. My father always encouraged me to take pictures. For that reason he gave me a Leica III with 50mm f/2 Summar and 135mm f/4.5 Steinheil Culminar for my 5th birthday. I still have that camera, but it has not been used for many years after I changed over to digital. I also learned my… Read More

Analua Zoé – Featured IPA member

  Bio   Analua Zoe was born in Sintra, Portugal in 1964. She was raised in a typical small village surrounded by tradition, customs, aromas and fascinating scenery. As a child she read the newspaper upside down and remembers seeing ballet dances on the TV in black and white. Her passion for photography came much later, as she developed the art of creating decorative works and paintings in water color and oils. She discovered that photography was like a vice…it drew her in and she never fails to continue the search for… Read More

Pedro Matos – Featured IPA member

Bio Pedro Matos Born in Aveiro, Portugal, in 1970. He has been working, since always, in the area of communication, both in marketing and communication and in editorial projects of information. Besides being an essential tool in all his works, photography is also a great passion. Pedro Matos considers himself an humanist-photographer and an eternal lover of the great diversity of human culture. Documenting the human condition People. I like documenting the human condition; its culture and traditions, the different ways of facing the daily routine and how it reacts to the… Read More

Stephane Gripari – Featured IPA member

Bio   Stephane Gripari   Stephane Gripari was born in 1953 in Alexandria, Egypt, to a Greek father and a French-Italian mother.  He spent his childhood in Egypt, Greece, Switzerland, Somalia, Libya, Zaire and Italy before moving to London in 1973. He started taking photographs at the age of twelve and has traveled extensively as an adult, a camera always around his neck. After a 14 year stint in a shipping office, he trained in 1991 with Jorge Lewinski, the acclaimed Polish-born photographer (Senior Lecturer of Photography and Art History at the… Read More

Jakop Iskandar – Featured IPA member

Bio My name is Jakop Iskandar. WIth a full one Nio Jakop Iskandar. I’m Indonesian born in 1972 of Chinese descend. The second child of five in my family. I’m now happily married to my wife Susan. Have a daughter Jovine and a seventeen month old baby son Grieg. For a living, I own a digital fine art print shop. And regularly open photography classes to students. I started photography during my boyhood days of the later 80s. With a small cheap plastic Kodak camera with just a tiny perhaps plastic lens…. Read More