Carlos Marques – Featured IPA member


Born in Lisbon in 1964, my path in photography began with an old friend, an artist painter that did Portraits for famous people around the world.
I used to spend hours, days, years, trying to learn how to paint, he was my light teacher.  I then started to take some photos during this process to study light and use it as a guide for painting.

Always moving around the world and living in different countries because of my father’ s position, made me be in contact with so many different cultures, costumes and people giving me a wide angle of interpretation.

I also lived in South Africa and in l983 in the United States in Los Angeles, where I received my major in Photography & Cinema.

In 1986, I started work as a photo-journalist in the main newspaper in Portugal as a professional photographer.  From there on , I worked in various magazines in Portugal, did some international work for UN, foreign magazines , covering numerous subjects such as landscapes, street, portraits, fashion, architecture, sport and much more.

For me Photography is an art and art needs passion.  With passion, there’s learning.  I learned photography with my heart and have a passion for the art and through learning they combine all the elements to a degree of perfection!  I enjoy creating stories with a cinematic approach.

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