Analua Zoé – Featured IPA member




Analua Zoe was born in Sintra, Portugal in 1964. She was raised in a typical small village surrounded by tradition, customs, aromas and fascinating scenery. As a child she read the newspaper upside down and remembers seeing ballet dances on the TV in black and white.

Her passion for photography came much later, as she developed the art of creating decorative works and paintings in water color and oils. She discovered that photography was like a vice…it drew her in and she never fails to continue the search for the perfect image.  She taught herself, knowing that while this takes longer than learning from others it has been a journey of discovery.

Analua credits the work of great photographers with being balm for the soul…and she takes pleasure in these images as further inspiration.. Her favorite genre is street photography and dreams about one day being regarded as a great photographer herself.

She has participated in some collective exhibitions of photographers and is administrator of a photography group on Face Book., with photos also published in a photography magazine. In addition she has entered competitions for photography in wildlife/environmental forums and has a particular regard for photographers in this field.  Her hope is that the achievement of dreams is open to all and that the happiness of photography is shared with many.


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2 Comments on “Analua Zoé – Featured IPA member

  1. Her work is always excellent! One of my favorite photographers in IPA

    • Thank you very much for your marvelous words dear Ray Richards. You work are amazing too

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