Nikos Dios (Varsamis) – Featured IPA member


Nikos Dios ( Varsamis ) comes from Piraeus, Greece. He studied and graduated from the Technological Institute of Athens in the Electronic Engineering Department. As a kid he was interested in many types of art, especially music.  Five years ago he moved to Mykonos island for professional reasons.  Two years later he had his first contact with DSLR photography.

It was then that he started a journey in which his main purpose was to seek for good light, shadow playing and everything that draws the attention of the viewer.
In 2013 he attended a photography seminar and at the end of it he had his first, and only, exhibition as an amateur photographer and art lover.
In 2014 he did the shooting for his sister’s music CD and that was his first ‘’professional’’ work.
He believes that photography is the way to capture slots of time that with the right amount of imagination can be transformed to something unique for everyone, and that’s why he puts a ‘’cinematic’’ character in his photos.

As a new photographer he continues to search for his identity and unique character.

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5 Comments on “Nikos Dios (Varsamis) – Featured IPA member

  1. Thank you very much for the support!!! And congratulations for the excellent job done for the group!!!It sure is the place to be!!! Thanks again!!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Steve Mark!!!Cheers!!!

    • Thank you very much my friend iamamro!!!!

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