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Milan Swolfs

I am from Antwerp, Belgium and was born in 1986. I graduated in International Communication. In my daily life I work as an Online Marketing Manager and partly as a commercial self-employed photographer specialized in portrait and wedding photography with a touch of vintage. From my early childhood I traveled a lot thanks to my parents. That’s how I discovered the joy of photography, rather than buying souvenirs I captured them. I always focused on people rather then on landscapes. In 2013 I traveled to Japan and a lot of my work was highly appreciated by fellow photographers and the travel agency asked if they could publish my work on their site and the new brochure.

I was always charmed by the photos and style of 30’s till 50’s. An era when women were still real women and men dressed like gentlemen. It was actually my wife who is a vintage blogger/model who convinced me of the vintage style and setting of my photography. She is often on my photos and I consider her as my muse. I currently use a Canon 5D mark III and Sony A7 s and Sony A7 II with M glass both for private and commercial work. I love to use fast lenses that make for a certain glow. I also often use strobes and have of my own photo studio.

I am always searching for interesting old locations and venues and try as much as I can to do photos which remind of the ‘The Golden Age of Hollywood’.


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