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I do not call my self a photographer.  I consider my self a traveler or a observer because that is what I am.  My pictures representing my life puzzle. Every picture is a little piece of my life story.  What I see in my life travel and during my life path.  If I would use for my self the word photographer, would not be in the way people use the word but in it’s true real meaning. The word is Greek and means drawing the light… So in me that I very much care for the meaning and the power of words and moreover that the word means something to me because is in my language, photography is representing a travel to light. The pictures I make are little pieces of my life puzzle. My puzzles of photography are pieces of my life drawing path to light. And  even it’s a hopeless destination of a travel I choose to travel to the light. So I draw my travel to light in each picture.

Photography is my truth and gives me the opportunity to visualize and to express my feelings, my sadness, my happiness, my light, my darkness or anything that means something to me. The first time I raise the camera in front of my eyes I enter in to a magic world. Like I was looking through a magic window and all the world showed different without any noise  around me anymore and allowed me to look the world with all it’s important details and without any distraction. The way it should look in to my eyes…

I have started taking pictures during the summer of 2009 and I have started to process on them at December of 2010 without having any idea how is the correct way to take pictures or process on them. I just took the little compact camera that was given to me as a gift and go out. And still I use a simple dslr camera and a very simple program for process.

I do not go out to take pictures and I do not try to find the perfect set and wait for a good picture. I just take the camera every time I go out to see and capture the instant moments of life. There are some times that I like to say stories with my pictures. But the most of the time I just let the life flow as it is and I try to keep the moment in the picture as one of my life treasures.

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4 Comments on “Aria D – Featured IPA member

  1. Lovely work & the concept of life drawings/paintings or sun pictures is something that has fascinated me from day one! Your simple approach towards the craft is what makes it so inviting!!

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