Steve Mark – Featured IPA member

Bio A Boston native, Steve Mark has been passionate about photography for over 40 years. Steve’s photographs are less about the physical subject, and more about the feelings and reactions they invoke. He prefers taking pictures that tell a story in rich layers, with a specific focus on Boston street life. Steve studied at the New England School of Photography and has been published in several magazines, including Muscle Mag International, Iron Man Magazine, and Performance Press Magazine. Steve shoots with Nikon D4, D800E, Sony A7R, A7II & Leica M240.  He lives in Stoughton… Read More

Christine Lentzou Selzer – Featured IPA member

Bio Christine Lentzou Selzer, specializes in freelance digital image making and photography, styling and professional make-up for film, TV and stage. She is also a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. Christine, was born in Athens Greece. She studied Psychology at the American College Deree in Athens, and subsequently went to London UK, where she studied professional make-up for stage, TV and Film at Greasepaint School of Professional make -up, Ealing Broadway – London. Christine also studied Fine Arts at Croydon College of Arts, London UK, including the basics in B&W film photography…. Read More

Cemal Sagnak – Featured IPA member

Bio Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1966 and moved as an immigrant to Germany with his family in 1969 and living there since,  Cemal sees Germany as his home. Since more than 30 years he is working in the medical field, lately in Sales and Marketing Positions with extensive global travel activities which brought him to Street Photography. I started my interest in Photography with a birthday gift when I became 15 years old.  It was a Zeiss Ikon film camera and I had access to a well-equipped Photo-lab where I could… Read More

Rick Bronks – Featured IPA member

Bio   I hate the cliché of starting a bio with ‘I’ve been interested in photography since I can remember’. The problem is In my case it’s actually true – but it just took me a long time to realise it. I recently discovered a shot of me taking a selfie- I was probably around 7/8 years old. I think the camera is a 35mm Chinon rangefinder camera. My folks used this for all the family pics for years. It had a fixed lens – but was pretty much all manual.  I… Read More

Jonathan (Jono ) Slack – Featured IPA member

  Bio   I spent my childhood in St Ives, Cornwall during the 1950s and 60s. My father (Roger Slack) was a local doctor who arrived in 1947 and my parents quickly became involved in the artistic community; close friends included Barbara Hepworth, Patrick Heron, Tony O’Malley and Terry Frost and these were frequent visitors for dinner parties at our house outside St Ives. I started taking photographs at University, and continued; mostly with Contax SLR cameras, until, on a whim, in an airport in 2000 I bought an Olympus digital camera… Read More

Yiannis Yasaris – Featured IPA member

Bio Yiannis Yiasaris is a Street Photographer that for the last 13 years is based in Melbourne, Australia and is originally from beautiful Thessaloniki, Greece.   Yannis is a self taught photographer.  His love of street photography comes from his curiosity about people going about their everyday life and his passion to tell their stories through pictures. Street photography has taught him to view life with a different perspective….it allows him to live and observe the moment. “Through the lens I am able to capture daily life in all its simplicity and beauty.”  There is… Read More

Pedro Matos – Featured IPA member

Bio Pedro Matos Born in Aveiro, Portugal, in 1970. He has been working, since always, in the area of communication, both in marketing and communication and in editorial projects of information. Besides being an essential tool in all his works, photography is also a great passion. Pedro Matos considers himself an humanist-photographer and an eternal lover of the great diversity of human culture. Documenting the human condition People. I like documenting the human condition; its culture and traditions, the different ways of facing the daily routine and how it reacts to the… Read More