Cemal Sagnak – Featured IPA member


Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1966 and moved as an immigrant to Germany with his family in 1969 and living there since,  Cemal sees Germany as his home. Since more than 30 years he is working in the medical field, lately in Sales and Marketing Positions with extensive global travel activities which brought him to Street Photography.

I started my interest in Photography with a birthday gift when I became 15 years old.  It was a Zeiss Ikon film camera and I had access to a well-equipped Photo-lab where I could experiment a lot.  A true wonderland.
After being a young dad and spending most of my time in the OR Rooms inf hospitals, I lost some of this passion. This passion was brought back when I started to travel for my Job, educating  Doctors around the world in using Lasers for Surgery.  Meeting and seeing so many different cultures from Asia to Latin America was one of the greatest gifts and privileges in my life that led me to capture so many different human beings and sceneries.
Through all my “business” life I was in close contact to people, as graduated Nurse as well as a Sales and Marketing Professional. The missing fear of contacting people helps me a lot in my Photography.
My focus within the Street photography is capturing the unusual moment in very usual scenery enclosed in the urban landscape. Telling Stories, sometimes humorously, in just one shot, is one of the toughest challenges for me.
Searching those situations every day on the streets is something between passion and obsession. But sometimes it’s just the beauty of people that gets my attention and focus.
My main tool is a Leica M-240 and I can do almost anything I want with this system, but I own and admire the Fuji System for its image quality and compactness.

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