Rick Bronks – Featured IPA member

Bio   I hate the cliché of starting a bio with ‘I’ve been interested in photography since I can remember’. The problem is In my case it’s actually true – but it just took me a long time to realise it. I recently discovered a shot of me taking a selfie- I was probably around 7/8 years old. I think the camera is a 35mm Chinon rangefinder camera. My folks used this for all the family pics for years. It had a fixed lens – but was pretty much all manual.  I… Read More

Alesia Gudkova – Featured IPA member

Bio Alesia Gudkova was born in 1979, in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. She has a university background in germanic studies and got a specialization in foreign economic relations as well. In parallel, she became interested in photography and did her first steps by starting shooting with film (1999-2000). At that time, she went familiar with the technical background of film development techniques by working in a printing/photo laboratory during her studies. There, she got used working with minilabs such as the Master One GRETAG 260. It wasn’t so usual that a woman could deal… Read More

Carlos Marques – Featured IPA member

Bio Born in Lisbon in 1964, my path in photography began with an old friend, an artist painter that did Portraits for famous people around the world. I used to spend hours, days, years, trying to learn how to paint, he was my light teacher.  I then started to take some photos during this process to study light and use it as a guide for painting. Always moving around the world and living in different countries because of my father’ s position, made me be in contact with so many different cultures,… Read More

Pedro Matos – Featured IPA member

Bio Pedro Matos Born in Aveiro, Portugal, in 1970. He has been working, since always, in the area of communication, both in marketing and communication and in editorial projects of information. Besides being an essential tool in all his works, photography is also a great passion. Pedro Matos considers himself an humanist-photographer and an eternal lover of the great diversity of human culture. Documenting the human condition People. I like documenting the human condition; its culture and traditions, the different ways of facing the daily routine and how it reacts to the… Read More