Rery Irarto – Featured IPA member

As an entrepreneur in creative industries and also a musician in Indonesia, personally photography is a hobby that can improve creativity and a medium to sharpen our instincts to see the meaning of life aside from always be grateful for the greatness of God that given to the human race.

I learned photographing autodidact. I started using DSLR cameras and then along with the development of technology, I used a smaller mirrorless camera and easy to carry, until finally I knew manual lens and particularly liked the results. In the end, my choice goes to the range finder Leica M camera as my favorite camera that I use everyday for photographing activity.

At first, when people asked me what kind of object that I love to portrait, I’m really confused because I never photographing something specific. As time goes by, I realized that I’m interested in photographing people’s expression, which unconsciously made me choose street photography, human interest, and reportage when perpetuating daily activities or even when I traveling to some different countries.

I never feel overwhelmed with all shorts of theories while shooting, because a good photograph, in my opinion, is when we capture something wholeheartedly (photographed with feeling). How’s the result? That’s different issue.

For me, life is about to learning, learning, and keep learning, it can happen when we photograph whatever we see and whatever that we can get.

Learning endlessly while enjoying life and don’t forget to always be thankful to God.

Greetings from Indonesia,

Rery Irarto


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