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Never seek for a good picture – you have to learn when it comes to you.  Therefore I try to always carry a camera.

I am a married man with three children living in the northern part of Norway. I am not a photographer by living – just a serious amateur.  My favorite activity is walking on the mountains winter and summer. Often I go with my wife and I want to thank her for her patience. You often see her in front of my camera.
For the last two years I have been focused on capturing what I like to see on my walks. I think I always have been aware of the beauty in the nature, but now I am trying to catch it with my camera. It`s not always easy. In a kind of way you need to learn to see again and to be sensitive to the beauty of light and shadows. I also try to look for lines and curves, because I think they could make the difference between a good and an ordinary photo.

My photographic bio:

My first camera was a Nikon Nikkormat FTn from 1970. I bought it secondhand in 1976 when I was 15 years old. I still love this camera and shoot with it. My friend and I had a lot of fun shooting b/w films and developed it ourselves and we had some access to a darkroom. The result was often bad, but we had some great moments. I got a “job” as a still photographer for some guys who made a movie in my hometown. I learned a lot and I got the opportunity to shoot with a Canon F-1 with some great lenses.

My next period of “serious” shooting was between 87-93. After many years of studying and growing up I found my heaven. I spend a lot of time in the mountain. My camera was back on track shooting with Fuji film Velvia 50 dias film what a film!!  I took many nice photos in this period and some of them I have published here on IPA.

In ’93 I became father and for many years we took many nice pictures of our children. The Nikkormat was changed with a family camera, and the photograph was just somebody.

Then I got my first iPhone with funny apps and I started to publish my photos on FB. My working colleagues with big Canons and Nikons was not happy that I shoot alright photos with iPhones and asked and asked when I gone by me a proper camera. In the end I decided to bring back my old film cameras – my Nikkormat and a Nikon F I had got. What a fun – I was trilled – I got me a new hobby! I keep shooting analog and sometimes i borrowed my daughters Canon and a Canon G15 from work, And old photo friends sold his Nikon F4 with some nice lenses to me, great camera, but very big.

I started to send photos to the local newspaper in 2013 and they sometimes printed them. In june 2014 I got a phone call from the newspaper. Some jury has elected on of my photo to be the photo of the year. I was trilled and I won a Leica D-LUX 6 camera. This is a perfect camera for me. Easy to carry on my walks in the mountains.

What has IPA meant for me. It`s a place where everyone can share their photo. What you shoot with don`t matters, the result of your work is in first line. For me there is inspiring to watch how other photographer presenting their work. I have got a lot of new friends with same passion. Thanks to all of you active members of IPA, and a special thanks to Spyro and the other staff who administrate IPA.

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  1. Wow…congratulations, Sture. So well deserved and I am so happy for you. 3 x Hurrah for northern Norway !!!

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