Rossano Ross Rinaldi – Featured IPA member

Rossano Rinaldi was born in the late 60’s growing up in his father’s photo studio, where he spends most of his childhood, among negatives, cameras, lights and fixing developers. He inherits the passion and a bit of his father’s talent, who involves him as an assistant in the photo shootings once he is 14 years old. At the age of 19 he starts working with the video camera and he films in Super VHS about 150 events, among which weddings, confirmations, parties, patiently editing them with video recorders and audio mixers. The studies at the University, followed by the work in Turin hold him away from the photography. Nevertheless, once he moves to Milan, he realizes to be capable to create something that would unite the inherited passion, the organizational skills acquired at the University and the desire to create something innovative in the city of fashion. After several years of photo events organization, such as workshops and productions, he creates his own brand to show the results of his work behind the camera:

Here you can see his work in fashion, portraits and glamour:

Here you can see his work in nude art:

During the last years he had a pleasure and was lucky to collaborate with italian and european professionals of the photography, who let his experiences  mature and himself to grow both humanly and professionally.

Now he is teaching photography in courses and workshops worldwide, from Italy and France to Mexico and Usa.

Some publications: Vigore! (cover and editorial), InkMag (2 editorials), Shaker Magazine (editorial) and various websites.

Since he started as photographer, he is working with the best glamour and nude models in Europe and here some examples of his photography.


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