Aleksandrs Drozdovs – Featured IPA member

Let me introduce myself.. I live in Latvia, beautiful, green country with charming capital Riga,Metropolis of Art Nouveau, with historical center Old Riga and well-known resort Jurmala with 25km long sand beach along The Riga Gulf of the Baltic Sea. I lived in Riga all my life, till 12 years ago,moved to Jurmala,where enjoy the beauty of changing nature, shots of which I do with great pleasure and publish with large impatience.
There were different periods In my life, but in all my endeavors I was fanatically dedicated to the cause, which I did.This character trait, which remained until now, was grew out, as I think, of my sports activities for 10 years, at first gymnastics then Sambo wrestling. During that period,I had some achievements,I was repeated champion of Riga & I’m proud of the champion’s title of Latvia, grateful to the sports for my character education, power of will,patience & perseverance and ,especially for the ability to bring started things to the end.
I loved music always, even parallel to sports, listened to it,collected vinyls(was rather difficult at that time), later learned to play guitar & mastered musical notation… began with rock n roll, founded the group, played on the dance floors, clubs(then they’re called”Houses of Culture “), even became rather famous  person among young people with nickname “Beard”. Such was the tireless & cheerful youth.
My perseverance was also useful at time, when I began interested in the classical music, went to the famous guitar players’ concerts, when they visited Riga & eventually played a lot of classical guitar music..never stopped to play Jazz & Blues, which all the time was my favorite genre, but I always try to find out something new & now try to watch, what’s going on in music.Due to music, I met my wife, in 1975 we’re married , now we 40 years together. Marina – singer, from 1974 till 1994 we worked on the stage,I, as the bandleader, Marina –  soloist ,20 years of very intensive work, six days a week, much time was devoted to rehearsals, to learn & pick up new musical material, but it was our favorite work!
90’s – the challenging times in many countries, the main word was “survival “.Neither live music, nor singers ..Each musician chose the way, how to live …it wasn’t easy ,we
finished …
In these years Latvia gained independence & all properties, denationalized, were returned to their owners or their heirs.I  began to study absolutely new area for me- realty management, to meet new people , to visit official institutions.
There were always cameras in our home, old “Zenit”, then “Fuji”, after time” Nikon” One Touch zoom 90 (seemed very cool), in which film isn’t finished yet.Life in Jurmala, with great beautiful surroundings, incredible nature around me every day, pushed me closely to photography.When it became possible to travel, came up the will do shots with better quality, so decided to use professional full frame cameras.Nowadays, I use Canon EOS 5D Mark3 & Canon EOS 1DX, always have great interest in all innovations in photo world, constantly improve my knowledge in computer programs.With time,the interest to get acquainted with other photographers arise, as well as ,the wish to  share  not only with shots, but also with opinions.
In conclusion, I’d like to thank, at first, Spyro for adding me to the group, great honor to me, then great thanks to admins for their professional work, for incredible friendly atmosphere & finally, warm thanks to all the members for respect & sincere attitude to each other. In this group I found new friends, whose friendship I highly appreciate!
As for me,Photo Art is Cosmos & its possibilities are endless! Best wishes!


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