Ana Franco – Featured IPA member



I am a Colombian mother of 3 beautiful children that moved to Miami in 1993…then I moved to Canada 7 years ago.  I never before had the opportunity to land my hands on a camera . The first time was when I met my husband when he taught me how to take pictures.  Having a camera in my hands for me is like writing a book… I love to capture the soul of  my images and express myself.  I love the idea of looking though the lens and being able to experience and see this new world.  Photography became part of my life after this day.  The first pictures I took was with the Nikon FM2 it was so magical seeing what it can do in the dark room.  I remember when I was little watching with my grandmother glamorous golden age movies, I was so inspired by the costume designs and the light in the pictures.  My passion is portrait and every time I have the opportunity to take pictures, I plan it like a little movie.  My camera is always with me any place I go, I  always find something that catches  my attention, a beautiful sunset, an interesting face and most of the time my beautiful family.  I always think to myself that  every day I learn new things… I am so glad I found this group (IPA ) is an honor for me to be featured here .


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