Teo Kefalopoulos – Featured IPA member


Teo Kefalopoulos lives in Alexandria, Greece.  He is a technologist of productive animals by profession and works in an animal feedstuff company as a sales supervisor.  He considers himself a photo enthusiast, having a noble passion for photography, mostly for the fine art aspect of it.  Photography came into his life around a year ago as a means to create his version of an alternative reality.  Each photo he takes represents a different story and becomes a distinctive part of his vision of a whole new personalized world.  It’s the difference between what he sees with his eyes and what he sees with his mind.

His photographs bare carefully selected titles in order to further enhance the visual experience and suggest the active participation of the viewer.  Many of them are prepared in monochrome tones and they are mostly based on evocative, moody and atmospheric themes.  The lack of individuals or of the “human factor” as he calls it, is an essential omitting in his photowork.  He believes that each person deserves to be a living part of a picture rather that a lifeless observer.  He travels a lot and always carries his camera with him. Photography has helped him rediscover nature and to find deeper meanings out of ordinary visual themes.

All of his photographs are shot in natural light and he believes that the use of post processing technology is a valuable tool that truly helps the photographer to express his thoughts and impressions in a very convincing way.  He currently uses a mirrorless full frame system and believes that working with minimal gear gives the photographer the opportunity to focus more on the scene and the framing procedure rather than the technicalities.  His future plans include the production of a series of 1-hour audio-visual presentations of his work, together with at least one photo exhibition of his selected monochromatic works.


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