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“I was a young research chemist when I discovered photography. At that time, film photography was the ideal way to express my alternative side; my creative side. For many years I used my Olympus OM1n and 50/1.8 to good effect before moving on the through the range right up to to the OM4T1. What a delight that camera was. The joy of taking photographs manually never left me and 30 years later I embraced the Leica digital cameras with both arms.

In the interim I continued with film photography and became a both a press and wedding photographer, using my Hasselblads and Nikons. I was never very good and fooled myself for a long time that this time next year I’d be a top photographer. After 10 years I gave up professional photography, returned to chemistry, and became the amateur photographer that I am now.

I delight in being an amateur and not working to deadlines and even more importantly having the freedom to take the images I want, when I want. Being semi-retired gives me the time to spend with my cameras among the delights of Exmoor, where I live, and around the world when I travel. I don’t get too precious about photography any more and I now look for quality images rather than image quality.

Although I’m no longer using Leica cameras I bless the company for allowing me in to their community where I have made many friends and have learned from the some of the best photographers in the world. I’m using Nikon cameras again, but they are now digital and autofocus and fast and very heavy. I offset the weight in my mind, knowing that with one camera and one lens I can do everything I did, and more, with all of my Leica equipment.

Somehow, over time, I have subconsciously morphed into a landscape photographer and then further refined that into being a monochrome landscape photographer. I’m constantly in the fields with my camera in my local area in the rain, and the fog, looking for that elusive best ever black and white photograph and I’m certain that I’m going to find it next year, or the next year, or maybe the one after that.”


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