Yansen Sugiarto – Featured IPA member



My name is Kianalendra Sugiarto, but people call me Yansen since my babtist name is Arnoldus Janssen. I was born in Indonesia in 1972.

I started photography my photography relatively late. It was around 2008 when I was 36 years old. I did have Canonet QL 19 since I was in college but I didn’t do it seriously back to then. Shooting portrait is my strongest passion since the beginning. Sometimes I do street photography but I always keep coming back to do portrait work.

I naturally like doing black and white portrait since I am an avid lover and collector of black and white old films. Soon after studying photography I began my interest in BW Glamour Hollywood Portraits especially the work of the legend George Hurrell. In 2010, I made my first Glamour Hollywood Portraits and I have been gradually becoming more and more avid in using this kind of style. Then a friend of mine showed me the work of Damien Lovegrove. I was stunned with Damien’s work. Whether the photos are BW or colour, Damien does it with sophisticated elegance. Damien has become my other great inspiration since then. Just like Damien, I shoot using Fuji X recently. I know that my style is not for everyone for sure. But I learnt a long time ago that I simply couldn’t listen to everyone since I can’t satisfy everyone. But I believe there is one person whom I can’t afford to disappoint: My reflection on the mirror.

It is funny that I shoot a lot because my real work has nothing to do with photography. But doing photography is like breathing to me. It is my fountain of youth. I I love life. Life is bloody beautiful for me. That’s the message I want to show in my photos. Whenever I catch the beauty side of life, the energy, the sensuality, the romance, the elegance, the wilderness…I want my photos viewers can feel that too. My photos are not perfect since I am definitely not a perfect man. Too many things that I don’t know about photography. But at least I am trying to share what in my dream and my vision.

I hope you enjoy my photographs.


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