IPA Meet & Eurossphotography Workshop in Miami, February 27- 28, 2016

IPA MEET in a collaboration with Eurossphotography and Rossano Rinaldi will be hosting a two-day workshop in Miami Florida with emphasis on glamour and nude art photography…

IPA (International Photographers Alliance) and EuRossProject present the first IPA Boudoir Meeting!

Two weekends of high level photography, in two amazing locations in Miami (Feb 27th-28th) and New York (Mar 5th-6th).

Master of these workshops will be the italian photographer Rossano Rinaldi (www.eurossphotography.com) and the international model Heidi Romanova.

We provide an exclusive experience for only 6 of you, we take care of each of you when you’ll shoot and prepare the set, we give you directions and instructions for a better composition.

in Miami we’ll shoot in a very nice location and on a yacht, we’ll learn how to manage natural light mixed with flash light! in New York we will shoot in studio and in industrial space, where we’ll learn how to set up flash lights for the best effects.

Price on request

Rossano Ross Rinaldi

Rossano Ross Rinaldi

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