Agustin Mendaña – Featured IPA member

Agustin Mendaña was born in Argentina Buenos Aires in 1959 and discovered his interest in photography at the age of 18 when with the camera of his father first visited the city of New York. It was an Ikon Zeiss with B&W film.

At the age of 31 he studied at the Photo Club Buenos Aires, specializing in portraiture in the black and white lab.  His first reflex camera was a Nikon F, an all time classic which he used  to take pictures in the studio both with artificial and with natural light.  His vast experience led him to various topics, from macro to sports, but always with a tendency for  portrait.  Two two years ago he decided to abandon his preference for Nikon and to work with Leica, specifically the M9.  Making that switch, changed his perspective, awakening an interest in street photography and landscapes and less for portrait. With the purchase of a Leica MP he returned to analog, today being one of his favorite cameras. Currently his new challenge after obtaining a medium format YashicaMat EM, is to take pictures and scan the 120mm film with an Epson V550 scanner.

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